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Home Designing for Your Soul

Posted in Our Space by Publisher, Port Of Harlem Snippets on October 17th, 2012

Home designing is so important in our lives. However, we often get so busy that we fail to fully recognize our surroundings until they don’t serve our needs and feed our soul.

In this living room, I accented the existing furniture with naturally inspired bamboo pillows, a natural jute rug and a tropical inspired accent lamp to reflect the client’s love for traveling to tropical places. With her artwork and memorabilia, I adorned her walls.

To allow my client to enjoy her backyard and to allow the outdoor feeling to come into her home, I accented the sliding glass door with brown and beige sheers wrapped around its frame. Plants and nature are always a calming influence, so I took advantage of the open sliding glass view and placed plants in the living area.

As an interior designer, one of my greatest joys is helping you discover your style and having you say how much you love your new living room, bathroom, kitchen, or any other room in your home because you feel warm, comfortable and happy in that room.

Yet, interior design can be an afterthought for the chronically busy and priority-driven. When you really think about how important it is to your well-being, home designing becomes more of a priority.

I often meet people who need more than new window dressings. They often need clarity in understanding and assistance with discovering how thorough decorating and arranging their home can lead to a more exciting and fulfilling life. 

If your home does not refresh you the minute you walk in the door, take the following free assessment, read about the possibilities for you home and start making plans to design your home for your soul.


Answer the following questions about you and your home:

Does your home look and feel the way you’d like it to?

Do you see furnishings that long ago passed their expiration date?

Would you like your home to become more “green,” which not only positively affects the environment but also saves you money?

Does your home give you energy or does it deplete you of energy?

Are there ways you can make your home beautiful?

Do you feel you’d like to have a space in your home that gives you more energy?

Do you feel you’d like a space in your home that allows you to feel more peaceful?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, we have work to do and you should read on.

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Sexual Freedom Summit Encourages Americans to Talk About Sex

Posted in Health by Publisher, Port Of Harlem Snippets on October 3rd, 2012

The Sexual Freedom Summit in Silver Spring, MD was more than about who is having sexual relationships with whom or how and when they have sexual encounters. “It’s about making society more inclusive,” says Robin Mandell, who led the discussion, “Sexual Rights for Disabled People: Group Homes, Grassroots and Beyond .” For many of the participants, the biggest barrier to sexual freedom in the United States is the view that sex is only for reproduction and not for pleasure, too.

During the discussion, Mandell reminded the audience about the liberated view former U.S. Supreme Court justice Sandra Day Connor publicly shared when she discovered that her husband, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, was having an “affair” with another woman at his nursing facility.

Audience members added more examples of what sexual freedoms means including: In Amsterdam, the government will pay for the sexual pleasures of the disabled.

For the United States to become more progressive, participants called for more erotic materials in braille for the visually impaired to enjoy and creating space for disabled youth to learn about sexual encounters from their peers just as other young adults are able to create their own spaces to do the same.

Noting that sexual health is part of our general health, one participant discussed (for mature audiences only) erotic dancing from a wheelchair (for mature audiences only).

However, the biggest audience agreement came when Mandall (pictured left) discussed how social service agencies will encourage the cognitive and physically disabled to take birth control pills to prevent the birth of children. “They don’t want to provide the support to any children they may have,” Mandall explained. However, the agencies will not place the same pressure on physically and mentally abled people who cannot provide for their children without government assistance, but continue to have them.

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