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Posted in The Other Side by Publisher, Port Of Harlem Snippets on May 21st, 2012

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    June 28, 2012 @ 3:18 pm

    Every prisoner dreams of that moment the front gates open and he walks out of the gates as a free man. The dreams often come after years of unfeigned self-examination, long suffering and momentous preparation. This feeling is something Thomas Jones knows all to well as he anticipates his release from Jessup Correctional Institution in July.

    For five years, 46-year-old Jones has lived the consequences of his negative behavior, which led to a 50-year sentence. He appealed the initial sentence and won a lesser one. Nevertheless, the cost of freedom was steep for the two time offender. “Foremost, I disappointed my grandparents who raised me,” Thomas lamented. “I was hard-headed and I did not listen to them,” he continued.

    There are many variables, such as family structure and physical environment, that factor into shaping a person’s characteristics. Jones accepts this notion, but does not blame his upbringing for his situation. He blames his downfall on his addiction to crack. “Drugs had me not thinking right,” he admitted.

    After acknowledging he had a drug problem, Jones took steps to engage in activities that would transform him. While there are those who criticize “jail house religion,” Thomas believes his first step, seeking help from God, has made a profound impact on him. “Jesus taught me to be a man, humble, peaceful and happy. I thank God for opening my eyes to Jesus,” he said.

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